"Rose" Bath oil and massage, 50 ml
The product is a combination of natural vegetable oils and rose essential oil. The oil has a rejuvenating effect on the whole body. It is a very powerful aphrodisiac and stimulates sexual libido.
28.00 lei
"Rose Of Bulgaria" night cream, 50ml
Made entirely on a natural basis, this cream contains the only natural Bulgarian rose water with a rich content of rose essential oil.
21.00 lei
"Rose Of Bulgaria" day cream, 50ml
Nature has unsuspected possibilities, which is why the use of healthy products of natural origin are the basis of this delicate day cream with calming and protective properties.
21.00 lei
Shower gel for women with rose water "Rose of Bulgaria", 330ml (COD 106001)
Contains unique Bulgarian natural rose water, which offers excellent tolerance. Tender and delicate shower gel for daily body hygiene. Washes efficiently, without disturbing the physiological balance of the skin. Contains unique Bulgarian natural rose water, high in rose ether oil, which offers excellent tolerance
15.00 lei
Shower gel "Royal Rose", 300ml (COD C183)
Contains rose and argan oil. Royal Rose shower gel has a nourishing and tonic effect, leaving the skin velvety smooth and refreshed. Can be used daily.
15.00 lei
Shower gel and Shampoo 2 in 1 for men, 330ml
It contains natural rose water, which is incredibly rich in active substances, stimulating regeneration and strengthening the protective functions of the skin.
16.00 lei
Lipgloss - ROSE OF BULGARIA 5ml
Prevents your lips during the seasons from breakage and injury. Moisturizes and gives them a soft and light shine and aroma.
7.80 lei
Rose water natural "Rose of Bulgaria", 230ml
Due to the high content of essential rose oil, it is naturally reserved. Effect: anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic and soaking. Gives life, moisturizes and soothes irritated and sensitive skin. Aromatic and refreshing effect.
15.00 lei
Toothpaste Rose Rio Homeopathic, 65ml
Rose Rio Homeopathic toothpaste is suitable for use during homeopathic treatment. Prevents plaque buildup and gum health care. Enriched with organic rose water, which has a strong anti-inflammatory effect and xylitol - with natural anti-caries effect, which reduces bad breath and dry mouth. The delicate taste of Rosa Damascena pleasantly tones and refreshes the breath. Suitable for the whole family.
11.00 lei
Rose water - ROSE NATURAL ROYAL, 300ml (COD 168CB008)
Due to the high content of rose oil ether is naturally reserved. Effect: anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic and soaking. Gives life, moisturizes and soothes irritated and sensitive skin. Flavoring and invigorating effect.
18.00 lei
Drink with rose water - Delight Biofresh 250ml
The Biofresh drink with natural rose water Delight has a sweet and enchanting Bulgarian rose flavor and quickly became a favorite of the whole family. Improves the intestine, charges the body with energy, increases the protective forces, helps to release toxins. Wonderful gift of Bulgaria.
9.00 lei
Anti-wrinkle eye cream "Organic white rose water & Caviar", 25ml (COD 202)
Anti-wrinkle eye cream is intended for daily care of the delicate skin around the eyes. The formula rich in caviar extract, organic white rose water and Coenzyme Q10 deeply moisturizes the skin, effectively increases density and visibly smoothes fine lines. Caviar extract gives t
31.50 lei